Our Recycling Services

Recycling Rubbish Clearance London

At All Gone we pride ourselves in disposing of our rubbish responsibly. Our vans are sent to properly licensed facilities, or we recycle and reuse wherever we can, making maximum effort to divert waste from landfill sites and as we grow our recycling rates are continuously improving.
We deliver great second hand junk to various great causes, as well as having a well established relationship with Cancer Research, who takes any junk that All Gone collects.

We directly recycle all of the following items at their own individual licensed transfer stations;

waste electrical
rubble, Soil
green waste
scrap metal

furniture (given to charity or reused)
We encourage our customers to separate I.T. and Weee products, especially CRT and flat screen monitors as they contain hazardous waste and must be disposed of safely in accordance with the EU legislation.

We also advise that paper is bagged or boxed separately, so we can guarantee it will be recycled, however we can do this for you if you are unable to do so.
Where the mixed loads cannot be separated we ensure that they are taken to waste transfer stations with the highest recycling ratios.

Did you know that more than 70% of each ton of avoids landfill because of reuse or recycling, and at All Gone we are proud to say we recycle over 85% of the waste we collect.